Make your ab workouts twice as effective

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To add some real intensity to your ab workouts, try this variation of the basic abdominal curl.

Lie on the floor in your regular crunch position. Your knees should be slightly bent, with your hands over your ears or close to your chest. Now, curl up approximately 10 inches, and hold it in the top position for a slow count of 4. In this fully contracted position, the key is to really squeeze your abs together hard. Imagine pushing your upper abs into your lower abs and vice-versa (like an accordion coming together). From this point, return to the floor very slowly (it should take a count of 3-4).

Repeat the movement, while keeping your abs under continuous tension for as long as possible. Of course, you won’t be able to do as many reps as you normally do. If you can get 15 reps, you’re doing well. Some people like to do 15 of these super-slow repetitions, followed immediately by a set of 8-10 slightly faster abdominal curls (this will really burn!)..

Of course, the key to getting a six-pack stomach that turns heads in the gym is to maintain a low level of bodyfat. For men, the six pack becomes clearly visible at a body fat percentage of around 7-9%. Unless they’re competing in a fitness or bodybuilding competition, most women are happy with that little “line” that runs down the center of the stomach (which shows at a bodyfat percentage of 15-20%). If you want to reach this level, chances are that you’ll need to count calories. This means keeping a record of how many grams of protein, fat, and carbohydrate you’re eating each day.

However, the benefit of a diet diary is that you become a lot more aware of what you're eating. Knowing exactly what you’re putting inside your body also allows you to “fine tune” your diet when your progress stalls. Once you’re there, you’ll probably be able to maintain a single-digit bodyfat percentage without having to count calories.

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john  - ab's   |.
is putting a 20kg plate on your chest when doing sit up's better for building
ab's that are well defined and that stand out to your normal 'flat six pack'
where the muscle is flat and does not stick out and look better defined

Andy  - ab's   |.
Hi john, i used to have the same problem with flat abs.

I found that just
refining your diet, eating less fatty foods and more complex carbs jus helps
develop less fat and make your abs stand out more. From then you can carry on
with the 20kg plate. I use a 10kg weight at the moment and its working out great
so far.

Any questions email me

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