How do I get my abs to show?

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Q. I’ve been doing 200 crunches every day for my abs, but I still can’t see them properly. And my lower abs don’t show at all. What’s the best exercise for the abs (lower abs too)?

A. Would you train your chest, arms, or shoulders every day? Then why do the same with your abs? To develop chiselled abs, they need to be trained no more than once every two days. Your abs need rest and recovery, just like every other muscle group. Doing millions of crunches will develop flat-looking abs with a lot of endurance. For the chiselled look, you need some kind of abdominal exercise that provides resistance (such as sit-ups on an incline board, or weighted crunches).

The myth that you can train your upper abs using sit-ups, and your lower abs with leg raises, simply isn’t true. While these exercises may emphasise one area of your abdominals, your lower and upper abs (as they are often mistakenly called) are all one muscle. For most people, the lower and upper abs can’t be isolated from each other.

The most important thing to remember is that abs aren’t made in the gym, they’re made in the kitchen. To see your six-pack, you need to be lean. A good diet containing enough high-quality protein (such as chicken, beef, fish, or a good whey protein like Promax by Maximuscle), moderate amounts of unrefined carbohydrate, and plenty of healthy fats (found in salmon, mackerel, or flax oil) is the best way to strip away the fat and reveal your abdominal muscles.

Read Simple tips to shed fat and get lean for more information about what and when to eat for fat loss.

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Chris Bailie   |.
Jonas   |.
Sorry, we can't send meals via email. It just doesn't work mate.
J   |.
some very helpful pointers on here, jus wondering if i could be sent a
good Ab workout, i hate going Abs i get bored with them so if there are just
some main core exercises to make it less of a chore i would appreiate it,
jemaine   |.
i am a gym instructor, and regularly look at different ab exercises when
designing programmes, but was wondering what people think is the ideal number of
ab workouts per week is? and should u vary the routine each time? i personally
think this is vital, but was just wanting tohers opinions. i would also be
interested on peep's opinions on how often they should change routine, in order
for gains not to plateau? thanks
martin mitchell   |.
hi i love the gym , but are regular found wanting in all regons , weather this
is due to my poor physic or inhertied genes could you please help me ,

Jim   |.
Ummm. Yes, one can train abs everyday. Per the American College of Sports
Medicine. I'm sick of this argument, so I doubled and triple checked on it. You
may confirm with them also. Different type of muscle can be worked daily which I
do. The only time I don't is when they are sore, which is very rare...and I do
have a six pack. I will agree with the great abs are made in the kitchen tho...
I have been working my abs and got the 6 pack but how do i get the side bits or
love handles ripped aswell?
Ricky  - to old???   |.
I am a 45 year old man. Have lost weight and work out 4 times a week. Been told
because of age my abs will never show. Abs are hard can feel pack there but no
show. Any hints for older training.
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