The best way to reveal your six pack

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Many people are confused about the best way to train their abs. Sometimes, the word being spread around the gym isn’t entirely accurate. Here are three of the most common misconceptions most people have about training their abs.

MYTH #1: Abs need to be trained every day
Would you train your chest, arms, or shoulders every day? Then why do the same with your abs? To develop chiselled abs, they need to be trained no more than once every two days. Your abs need rest and recovery, just like every other muscle group.

MYTH #2: High reps will burn the fat from my stomach
Doing millions of crunches will develop flat-looking abs with a lot of endurance. For the chiselled look, you need some kind of abdominal exercise that provides resistance (such as sit-ups on an incline board, or weighted crunches).

MYTH #3: You can train the upper and lower abs separately
The myth that you can train your upper abs using sit-ups, and your lower abs with leg raises, simply isn’t true. While these exercises may EMPHASISE one area of your abdominals, your lower and upper abs (as they are often mistakenly called) are all one muscle. For most people, the lower and upper abs can’t be isolated from each other.

The most important thing to remember is that a six-pack isn’t made in the gym, it’s made in the kitchen. A good diet containing enough high-quality protein (such as chicken, beef, Promax), moderate amounts of unrefined carbohydrate, and plenty of healthy fats (found in salmon, mackerel, or flax oil) is the best way to strip away the fat and reveal your abdominal muscles.

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Jon   |.
the two main points to remember is that Abs are muscles like any other so why
then, when we increase weight resistance for growth and strength gains on all
other muscles do people expect the same results from thousands of crunches.
order for continued gains, weight resistance needs to increase not the
repetition rate. i stick within the 12-15 rep range for Abs using the plates
from the bars hugged to my chest i lie the plate along my forearms holding it
with my finger tips wrapped around the top, this keeps it off the chest meaning
it does not restrict movement. try 5 sets no more than twice a week

it is far more important to have good strong abs than a visible 6 pack, so if
you struggle with body fat don't just ignore your abs just because you can't see
them, continue to train as they will still benefit you. If you still really want
the asthetic's of a 6 pack then work on body fat reduction through diet.
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