Fat burners - a closer look.

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No matter how hard you train, or how strict your diet is, the fact is that fat loss is plain hard work (which is probably why 95% of people give up after a few short months). Yet most people make weight loss far more complicated than it needs to be. In reality, losing fat is far easier and simpler than some people would have you believe.

The most important part of any weight loss programme is to burn more calories than you eat. Therefore, eat fewer calories and you will end up using stored bodyfat to make up the difference - it’s that simple. Don’t believe anyone who says you can eat what you want and still lose weight.

Unfortunately, when you start dieting, your body starts to panic. It will do everything possible to STOP you losing any more weight by reducing your metabolic rate, making you feel tired and irritable. Your appetite will also increase, making it virtually impossible to resist the delicious food, which tempt and surround you, everyday.

The good news is that there are various fat-burning nutrients that make the fight against fat a lot easier to win! Some are just plain crap, others contain some pretty impressive ingredients. I was given Thermobol by my local gym owner. It claims it to be one of Britain’s top selling weight loss products. The formula is designed to aid fat loss by increasing your metabolic rate and suppressing your appetite.

Lets take a closer look at the ingredients in it and if they work at all.

Bitter Orange Peel
Bitter Orange is an edible fruit, but the Peel contains strong alkaloids which are reported to be quite helpful for losing bodyfat. The Peel contains a number of powerful active compounds shown to boost the metabolism and improve appetite control. Breakthrough research published in the prestigious American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that Bitter Orange extract has a powerful and long-lasting effect on your metabolic rate, which means you burn more calories over the course of the day (4) And the more calories you burn, the faster and easier fat loss becomes.

One of the extra benefits of Bitter Orange extract is the effect it has on your appetite. Studies show that octopamine (one of the other compounds in the plant) helps you feel full on fewer calories. This means you won’t suffer from the cravings that plague virtually everyone trying to lose weight. One capsule of Thermobol contains 325 milligrams of Bitter Orange extract. At 3 capsules a day, this delivers a potent dose.

Guarana comes from the seeds of a South American shrub - most of which originates in Brazil. The seeds of Guarana are known to be rich in caffeine, and have been widely used as a tonic in many South American countries. Guarana has a powerful effect on increasing the metabolic rate, suppressing your appetite and enhancing both physical and mental performance.

Because of its high caffeine content, Guarana is also a powerful fat-burning nutrient. Clinical trials prove that caffeine will boost the fat burning effects of exercise by up to 30% (5). More interesting still, research shows that caffeine will improve performance during short term, high intensity exercise, such as weight training (7). In fact, scientists have discovered that caffeine causes your brain to ignore pain signals - something that you’re sure to benefit from during your next leg workout. This means that Thermobol is a great product to use before you go to the gym. We advise taking a capsule 60 minutes before you start training. This is enough time for the caffeine to get into your system and start to exert its powerful effects. Even after you finish training, Thermobol is still working to strip away fat. Scientists from the University of Queensland found that people using caffeine burn twice as many fat calories in the hour after finishing exercise (6).

Although many people like to have a strong cup of coffee in the hope that it will have the same effect, it’s well known that coffee doesn’t work as well as caffeine. Although scientists don’t really know why, it appears that one or more of the substances in coffee interferes with the effects of caffeine (5). One capsule of Thermobol contains 176 milligrams of Caffeine (from Guarana), which will provide quite a hit.

Green Tea extract
Thermobol also contains the popular Green Tea extract (standardised to 95% polyphenols). A recent trial at the University of Geneva shows that Green Tea extract speeds up fat burning by a whopping 35% (2)

Exciting new research published in the prestigious journal Phytotherapy Research, shows that as well as boosting your metabolic rate, Green tea also appears to help to block the absorption of fat. So, not only does Green Tea extract help you to lose the fat you’ve already got, it also reduces the amount of fat you digest and store on your waist, thighs, chest or hips.

Green Tea is rich in a class of polyphenols known as catechins (pronounced kat-a-kins). The strongest catechin in Green Tea is known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). It’s important to remember all of the research showing the potent effect of Green Tea on fat loss used the extract, and not the drink. Although a drink of green tea does contain a small amount of EGCG, you’d need almost 10 cups a day to reach the doses used in the research!

What’s more, there’s no guarantee that the particular brand or type of Green Tea you drink will contain the precise amount of EGCG needed. Many factors, such as the time it was harvested, how it was processed, and how long it was stored, affect the potency and purity of the tea. Any type of Green Tea supplement you buy should state on the label that it contains a standardised amount of polyphenols. If it doesn’t have this information, there’s no guarantee that it will work as well as the product tested in the research. Each capsule of Thermobol, for example, contains 100 milligrams of Green Tea extract standardised to 90% polyphenols, which should make it quite potent.

Cayenne contains capsaicin - the compound that produces the “hot” in hot peppers. Cayenne is known for its potent effects on your metabolic rate, which is one reason why you get so hot and sweaty after eating spicy foods (3). One of the additional benefits of Cayenne is its function as a digestive aid. Cayenne increases the secretion of acids in the stomach, which increases the absorption and effectiveness of the other ingredients in Thermobol. One capsule of Thermobol contains 50 milligrams of the highest heat Cayenne pepper. Here’s an interesting research article I found:

The capsaicin content of chilli’s may stimulate thermogenesis. Japanese researchers fed capsaicin to exercising rats for seven days. Rats were then split into two groups (placebo and capsaicin-receiving) for a further seven days. The capsaicin-treated rats experienced significantly reduced abdominal fat compared with the placebo group. It was speculated that capsaicin may have activated beta-adrenergic receptors thereby stimulating thermogenesis. Researchers blocked the beta-adrenergic receptors of half of the capsaicin-treated group and found that capsaicin caused beta-adrenergic mobilization of fat in the exercising rats greater than that in the control group.

Tyrosine acts as a “building block” for several important brain chemicals, all of which work to regulate mood. Human and animal research shows that tyrosine helps your body adapt to and cope with the effects of physical or psychological stress, such as regular exercise and diet. Tyrosine can also help to offset the negative effects of sleep deprivation, and can leave you feeling more alert and energetic. A good product to have whilst your dieting.

If you don’t absorb the supplements you use, you are literally flushing your money down the drain. Although it might seem logical that the more of a supplement you use, the more you absorb, this is not always the case. High doses of some nutrients can interfere with the absorption of others - meaning that some supplements just won’t produce the results they promise. It’s for this reason Thermobol contains an ingredient known as Bioperine®. Bioperine® is a patented extract from black pepper fruits grown in Southern India. It is a trademarked product sold by a company called Sabinsa. Clinical trials show that Bioperine® (also known as piperine) can improve the bioavailability of nutrients, making them far easier for your body to absorb. In fact, animal studies show that Bioperine® can increase bioavailability by an impressive 154%. One capsule of Thermobol contains 5 milligrams of Bioperine®, effectively increasing the half life of the ingredients and making them more potent for the same size capsule.

5-HTP comes from the seeds of an African plant known as Griffonia simplicifolia. It’s extremely useful for anyone who wants to lose weight without the usual cravings for high-carbohydrate foods (such as bread or cookies) and mood swings. Thermobol contains 35mg of 5-HTP to help with carb cravings and appetite control.

Using it properly… As with any fat burning product, it must be used correctly. I recommend taking 3 capsules daily, split throughout the day on an empty stomach, with water. You should expect increased energy levels, faster weight loss, and far less hunger and cravings.

It is a strong product and on one day I missed a capsule and took two at the same time and it made me all jittering (caffeine buzz?) I recommend only taking one capsule at a time. Thermobol works fast, and you should feel the increase in energy just 30-60 minutes after taking one capsule. Its effect on weight loss will take a little longer (7-14 days). For me I noticed my abs starting to get more defined after about 2 weeks. (lost 4 lbs of fat). I was of course watching my calorie intake and training 3 times a week with heavy weights at the gym. It should help you lose 2-3 pounds of fat each week, until you reach your target weight.

Thermobol isn’t the cheapest fat-burning formula on the market. Nor is it the most expensive. Maximuscle’s position as the largest and most popular supplement company in Europe means that this is a product you can trust to contain what it does. They have a reputation for making strong products and this is one of the strongest ‘legal’ fat burners I’ve tried.

I give it 4 out 5 stars. I would have given it 5 stars, but it didn’t contain DHEA.

Eds note: DHEA is now a banned substance in the UK and cannot be sold.

1. Henry, C. J. K., et al. (1986). Effect of spiced food on metabolic rate. Human Nutrition: Clinical Nutrition, 40, 165-168
2. Dulloo, A. G. (1999) Efficacy of a green tea extract rich in catechin polyphenols and caffeine in increasing 24-h energy expenditure and fat oxidation in humans. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 70, 1040-1045
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By John Hortel (reprinted with kind permission by ‘Pump It’ publication)
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jan   |.
how long b4 thermabol kicks in and on a good diet plus exercise should i see
Jane K   |.
I used thermabol for 4 weeks.. it does work but you have to diet too. Its more
of an aid than a fixer
Mark King   |.
I've used a similar product in the past and had very good result. Never tried
Thermobol as it was too expensive but the offer of buy 3 get one free looks like
its good
Big Lad   |.
why not just take caffeine in coffee???
Dr Evans   |.
Because.. although many people like to have a strong cup of coffee in the hope
that it will have the same effect, it's well known that coffee doesn't work as
well as caffeine. Although scientists don't really know why, it appears that one
or more of the substances in coffee interferes with the effects of caffeine.
This isn't surprising, especially when you consider there are hundreds of
compounds dissolved when coffee beans are roasted, ground and extracted in hot
water. In fact, when one of these compounds was injected into rats, it actually
slowed heart rate and lowered blood pressure - whereas caffeine has the opposite

Read about it on href="http://www.nutriline.org">www.nutril ine.org
Stephen  - Stephenmj   |.
I know this might sound like a ridiculas question and an outrageous idea ha.
Just wondering tho if i was to make my own 'fat burner' shake. as in 4 whole
oranges 2 spoons of coffee (without the hot water) an lets say the fillings out
of 6-7 green tea-bags an some black peper. how would that go down? oh an lets
say 1 hot chili too. just curious

jerry   |.
i took Thermobol for 6 weeks and lost about 9 lbs, it is strong and i found that
if you take it before bed you can stay awake, but when i stopped taking it at
6pm it was fine. i took 3 caps, breakfast, lunch and dinner. of course i dieted
as well, but found that it just get my into shape quicker than when i normally
diet. i also took promax, 3 scoops a day as that helps maintain your muscle when
reid hampton   |.
i've used quite a few fat burners and agree with jane, that they are not magic
pill, anyone that thinks that a fat burner is a magic pill is silly, but
Thermobol does seem to work. i feel less hungry when using it and more wired due
to i assume the thermogenic ingredients, which also helps with training energy
when you're cutting down calories. i used to use the now banned (asprin,
caffeine, ephedrine combo), and Thermobol is the cloest thing i've found to
using that, with the added help that Thermobol makes you less hungry.
John B   |.
I've heard it can have side effects like making you really hot and irritable, is
this true?
guest   |.
The caffine in it can keep u awake if u take it too late in the day. . or if u
take too many. . it wont make u irritable. I use it and once i took it at 8pm
after the gym and i did stuggle to sleep. . so i wasnt happy lol but it tells u
not to take it after 6 on the box/tub so. . keep to the guidlines and ull be
gaz   |.
i used thermabol for a month with slim meal and i lost a stone. shame its so
Nikos Giannousis   |.
I've used Thermobol for a small period of time (2 months) and I've seen some
very good results along with exercise (from 119 kg to 107)!
frag   |.
Can you still take thermabol while trying to gain muscle size or will it affect
my training
Sam B   |.
It really does suppress appetite. I only started taking this 2 weeks ago and the
effects are already noticeable. Lack of appetite is the only side effect I have
had - no jitters or hot sweats!!
Adam   |.
I bought Thermobol as part of a promotion (buy 1x promax get 1xThermobol free).
Bit dubious at first. But after a couple of days on the pills I found my
appetite was becomming less and less. I was only hungry at meal times. As for
fat burning, I'm guessing that comes from not snacking on the good old snickers
bars ;)
stuart   |.
i have stomach ulcers can i use thermabol
Emma   |.
Well i have just started to use Thermobol,and already i can feel a
I'm really impressed as i have had a hard time trying to lose the
baby weight i put on..
Chris   |.
Was pretty sceptical about any fat burning or diet pills before taking this.
Been on it only a week but already lost 3lb. Felt a little sick and dizzy the
first day I took it but havent noticed any side effects since. Take one pill at
10am, 2.30pm and 7pm. Still workout 4-5 times a week but havent the old cravings
any more, I get fuller quicker and no more of that late night snacking! As some
others have said this is not a quick fix solution, it is more of an aid. I am
hoping that when I finish the months supply the cravings wont come back. Highly
Matt   |.
Started to use Thermobol, and not sure when the best time is to take it? 3 pills
daily on an empty stomach, while eating 6 small meals a day is proving a little
difficult. Any one wheather it would be better to take the product first thing
in the morn/last thing at night/ or throughout the day?
Tony   |.
I'm on blood pressure lowering pills and cholesterol lowering pills, is this
safe to use?
samera   |.
Tony I don’t know when this thread was put up, but as a medic I seriously
suggest YOU DO NOT take these if you have high blood pressure. The caffeine
will have your heart rate racing increasing your blood pressure.
Graham   |.
I've used thermabol and did loose weight with it. However I did find side
affects to it including not being able to get to sleep at night and feeling very
restless and at times irratable. Has anyone else had similar side affects.
kath   |.
Been on it just less than a week, am on a cc diet and do a lot of cardio work,
on first day had lots of energy but now that has surpassed. For the past few
days I have been getting a few headaches and wondered if thermabol causes this?
Adam   |.
Same as Matt, on an empty stomach that is 2 hours after last eating and 1 hour
before your next meal, how does that work with eating 5-6 times a day??
Daniel   |.
I've Just started taking it myself, Not having any headaches or feeling
restless. I do find I have more energy, and am able to stay more alert (I work
nightshifts, and I am yawning less :p)
ryan   |.
do cardio before having your meal and take Thermobol 1 hour before the workout
as it helps speed up your metabolic rate and less calories get stored as fat
when eating your meal.
drinking water when taking the tablets seems to help
more with stoping bieng hungry
kc   |.
Thermobol is pretty potent and feels a little like legal amphetamine if you ask
me. Great pre-workout to push yourself the extra bit so that you can dig deep
and burn the flab. Working for me, in combination with Promax Diet shake 1-2
times a day and a focus on small meals if any. You can actually find the energy
to workout without too much traditional food.
Matty   |.
i've been taking Thermobol for 3 weeks and although the first few nights were
pretty restless i have been amazed by the results. i do an abs session twice a
week + a few cardio sesh's (rower, bike, stepper) and in 3 weeks my abs are very
much more visible and defined. as ryan says i suggest taking one an hour before
a workout because it really gives you a boost.
matt   |.
i am starting to take Thermobol but it says to take it on a empty stomach but
does it mean 10mins before a meal or more.
Adam   |.
I normally take it 2 hours after food, and 30minutes to 1 hour before i eat
Ryan M   |.
With regards to the 6 meal a day diet, I am finding this a bit unrealistic, try
5 a day, the results are the same. I find taking Thermabol 3 times a day and
fitting within the 5 meal a day category fone to manage. Take 1 first thing in
the morning 30 mins before breakfast. The 2 hrs after your mid morn snack but
1hr before lunch. Then 2 hours after lunch and 1 hr before mid afternoon snack.
This then gains benefits of increased energy and because you take your last pill
at 3is you can sleep easy! Good Luck with your goals all
pokchu   |.
i lost 5lbs in 8 days!!..but was really hard work!.. i jus ate an apple,diet
coke and some biscuits a day and walked 2 hrs everyday!...hope to loose 20 lbs
in 1 months with extra exercise...
aaron   |.

not sure an appl a coke and some biscuits is the best days nutrition
especialy if you are trying to lose weight, good to see you are excercising well
though. You cannot rely on fat burners alone to help you lose weight. Exercise
and good balanced diet with plenty of water to flush the body throught and
essential fatty acids. If you are eating like this ongoing. although you will
lose weight in the begginning your body will actually begin to store fat as it
realises it is getting not quality nutrition. food plans for dieting, gaining
muscle or general sports is over scrutinised in my opinion, just keep it clean
keep it simple and keep bad fats out....last peice of advise do have a treat day
/ meal to keep yourself motivated.
pokchu   |.
hey aaron! thankx for your advise !!..it's been 15 days and i lost 9 lbs!.. i do
realise that it's not good for my health to starve whole day! mm.. i think i
have to start exercising more and take good balanced diet including loads of
water!..my target is to loose 20 lbs by 20th of octuber!.. wish me luck!!!! do
you think it's possible?
aaron   |.
Hi pokchu

201bs or 9kg is a steep target.....you may have to do some hardcore
CV to lose that much.Just keep focused you will achieve your goal in the end. It
feels good when you achieve doesnt it.

Rememebr to keep your diet clean of
bad fats except on your treat day, and create a calorie defecit. Work out how
many calories(energy) your body needs to run itself, there are various sites
that can help you and keep to this amount using low GI carbs and fast digesting
proteins such as chicken and fish etc. its all about energy in and energy out,
the more uneccessary energy you put in the more you will put on weight. That
way when you are doing any cv work you will be attacking directly into fat
reserves. If a person is trying to lose weight by way of fasting only, your body
will lose muscle and water not just fat.

I wish you all the best.....
pokchu   |.
hi!!.. its pokchu again!..
well! i lost 14lbs so far!.. god! m so glad!.. i'll
finaly post my last comment on 20th octorber about my target!(hope m not
irritating you guys)..i hope i'll be able to loose 6lbs in 5 days!..
Jonty   |.
Hi Pokchu,

I have actually been following the progress because I want to
start Thermobol also. May i ask how much u weighed b4 u started this and what
exactly u eat and excercise? thanks a lot, this info wud be very helful

mark   |.
hi .itook Thermobol and got addicted to it,s energy giving side. i must say that
i have a very addictive nature,booze,food,pills,e.c.t . i took 2 thermo,s when
iwoke did a hours cardio,went to work .ate what iwanted took 1 or2 thermo,s
@about 2 pm .. i did this for 11 months.. realy it,s true. i once took 5 in
2 hours just to see what happened,the result was a five mile run and a full
spring clean washed car ,e.c.t e.c.t and no sleep. i ended up having extremely
severe headaches ,like my brian was gonna explode ,.,. i stopped taking themm 2
weeks ago,i have no energy, i want to sleep all the time, i am suffering realy
badly ,bad headaches,dizzines,poor mood depresion, ..on the 6 or 7 th day i
felt suicidal. the worst part is i have put on 12 pounds in 2 weeks.carefull
with these things guy,s .moderation and dont take them for too long . i have
also lost muscle mass and tone so all my effort for nill and i am worse off
ste   |.
Hi I took Thermobol last year for about 3 months . I lost nearly a stone (13
pounds) training 3 - 4 days a week and also taking promax . For the first 2 days
i felt a bit sick and dizzy after taking capsule but after that no problems.
Going to start again in the new year.
sol   |.
Hi, I have to say that the natural way is best.. I eat lot's of
fruit(blueberry's and godji berries)and veg especially spinach etc.. I drink
lot's of white tea which is twice the strength of green tea as well as eating
lot's of chicken and fish(proteins).. I train 4 times a week, 2 cv sessions and
2 weight sessions mon-thu, then a session of circuit training on a saturday
morning.. I don't have to worry about side affects which is a bonus.. Just eat
good food and train hard, and remember that rest is important as your muscle
tissue needs time to repair(hense proteins).. Mix up your gym routine and eating
pattern every week so your metabolism is kept guessing and not expectent of what
is coming and when, this is gospel... Keep your body fueled up, you can't run a
car without petrol!!
stevy   |.
hi, i was just wondering I'm thinking about taking Thermobol, but the only thing
im worried about is that what happens when you stop taking them?? do get fatter
a lot easier before you took them or are you just the same after you come off
them, if you know what i mean??
stevy   |.
hi, i was just wandering, im thinking about buying Thermobol, but what happens
when you stop taking them?? do you get fatter easier than it was before you took
them, or is it just the same before you went on them, cheers
Matt   |.
Just started taking Thermobol, noticed bit more slight hot flush and bit more
energy in first few days and was only on day 1 where I was wide awake and a bit
jittery...my question is really about side effects. Read up about link of Bitter
Orange Peel (specifically Synephrine)to cardio problems and strokes - though I
take it that would be after prolonged use and possibly with those with porrer
helath or high blood pressure. Anyone here had bad side effects or have taken it
before and now have problems?? It is advertised as safe and better than any
product containig Ephedrine, but am slightly anxious after doing a bit of
research (unless my anxious state is brought on because of Thermobol!!!!)
Egg   |.
When I first started using Thermobol I didn't sleep properly for 3 days, felt
wired ,but now i've lost over a stone in 2 weeks and ripping up so it was worth
the restless nights
jdizzle   |.
trying to lose fat and build lean muscle, suffer from restless nights as it is
how badly would Thermobol affect this and how extreme does the diet and training
need to be currently train 4 times a week, would this need to dramatically
increase in order to lose big weight?
Andy   |.
I took Thermobol last summer when training to loose a few pounds for summer
hols. I found it really worthwhile as I lost weight quickly and didnt have the
same intensive cravings to snack. As long as you dont take them too late you
shouldnt find it will effect your sleeping pattern too greatly. I did notice I
had much more energy, and to be honest I liked the buzz it gave me, this also
montivated me to train harder and put me in a better mood. Good product.
Mattie G   |.
hi, anyone know how many courses (90 pills) of Thermobol you can take in a row
thats healthy? cheers
mark   |.
i have used Thermobol with great sucsess , however like many the cost is high. i
find lypodryll by boditronics a def equal and much cheaper.
Bulldog   |.
I have only recently started taking Thermobol, and I, like many, have noticed a
great increase in energy. At work this has also helped my concentration and
attention span. I have found it helps both with CV endurance and lifting
strength. Best to take an hour before you train and make sure you drink plenty
of water throughout the day. If you take it before 5 or 6 PM you should find it
OK to sleep.

It does increase the core temperature of the body and blood
pressure both in training and at rest, this is part of the fat burning process,
the increased metabolism and probably part of the reason it is called
"Thermo"bol. The temporary increase in metabolism will likely be
maintained to some degree after you cease the use of the product due to lower
body mass and change in eating habits. As sol says Keep your body fuelled up,
you can’t run a car without petrol. Thermobol is not a miracle pill, but
it will help i...
tanky   |.
I use Thermobol - if i take it past 5pm I cant sleep at all.. I'm talking like
an hours sleep at tops.

Its working.. I'm eating the same as always (healthy
and clean, however having trouble actually seeing abs..) in like a week I've
dropped around 2-3% body fat.. I can now see my abs.

Don't take more than
one course.. (theres a reason they're sold as a months supply..) take it for a
month, then have 2 weeks off.. then if you need to start another course.

buzz off these is incredible, my appetite is virtually non existant though which
is annoying as I dont want to lose the muscle ive built up.. I sometimes have to
force myself to even eat anything..!! Make sure your protein levels are
increased to ensure your muscles don't waste away!!!! (1-2g per lb of body
weight) Protein shakes help with this - but remember, DONT cut your carbs too
much. You'll feel like shit.. sure you'll lose weight, but your muscles wont
SARAH K   |.
Can I take this product while I'm on HRT ?
Andy   |.
Hi all,

started to take Thermobol about 3 days ago, and besides not being
able to sleep properly, I can also see a difference in the lack of appetite
especially for junk food, but food generally. Also, is it just me, but I also
feel quite sick on the stomach and feel very anxious? I'm not sure if I should
take it any longer as I don't feel like myself and it's quite scary. I know it
sounds strange, maybe it's my anxiety, but I just feel strange.
Anyway, I don't
know if I should try taking it longer and the side effects will disappear or I
should stop.
Thanks for the comments.
B   |.
I started taking Thermobol 2 days ago, and I also feel anxious and strange. I
have had some headaches and my sleeping pattern is restless at best. I excersize
regularly and am on a supplement program which includes protien shakes. I am
also on a "diet" which controls my carb, protien and fat intakes and
balances them out to roughly 40:40:20.

I would say to those people who are
experiencing the same side affects that I am to stick with it, at least for a
week. Headaches can be dealt with, the anxiety can be controlled (albeit not
very easily but it is still possible) and the restless sleep, well, try and take
your last pill before 6pm, as previously suggested.

If the side affects are
too strong, then perhaps concider taking only two pills a day, morning and
evening (before 6pm of course) for the first week and see how that goes.

course, what you have to remember is that taking this product only assists with
Matt   |.
I've lost 6lb in the first week on this supplement. I'm wondering how much of
this is muscle and how much is fat as you can only realistically lose 2-3lb of
fat per week. I don't want to lose the great muscle gains i've achieved over the
last 3 years by taking this supplement. Its great that it obviously works: my
target is a stone overall but I would like to keep the muscle and lose the fat!!
Any comments / suggestions?
krystle   |.

I want to start taking thermbol does anybody know if i can still take(
super liquid complex b ,flaxseed oil ,magnesium plus,green barley and iron
tablets, seven seas hormone tablets) ?????

please help thanks x
emmalee   |.
Yeah you can take those things with Thermobol as all of the
ingredients in all of the suppliments are natural.
Remember, when taking any
supplement, if you notice side effects consult your gp.
caz   |.
i took a pill 10 mins before a meal tonight.... i can see why they say take on a
empty stomach... i have felt sick for hours.......
abs   |.
my greatest desire is to be toned up around my body, and have a cutted up l
affect. However i definetly do not have the shape of a toned guy. i am mainly
concerned around the torso area, as i have a bit of a belly and visible tits
(not pecs). I am 5 ft10", weigh bout 80KG. I just wanted to know that would
it be a good idea for me to use Thermobol to lose all my fat around the area
around my belly, or would u consider something alternative.
kaylan   |.
i bought this fat burning supplement Thermobol, i was just wondering do i
swallow the whole capsule as a whole or else. I am a fair bit concerned.

anna   |.
Is Thermobol appropriate for people with intolerances to wheat & gluten or
suffering with IBS?
Tone   |.

do you mean to break the gelatin coat and reduce the dose, or
eat/chew it? the size of the capsule scared me when i first saw it, lol.
rob   |.
not a good idea to take thermabol if you have high blood pressure, as it raises
you may get a racing heart and or feelings of anxiety..
i would say...
dont bother,, save yer cash.. wait a while , it will come off natuarly..
took time to put it on.. it,l take a lil time to tke it off..
Amy   |.
I am expecting my tablets to arrive tomorow morning adn after reading some of
the comments am a bit anxiouse. I am going on holiday in a month ad wanted
somthing to help lose wieght. I go the gym 4-5 days a week (swim 2x, run/gym

Just wanted to know really how effective Thermoble is? Want to
lose between 10-14lbs

Any advice welcome,

Chaz  - thermabol   |.
Does any1 know how long you can take Thermabol before having a break? and how
long you should break from it? I have used Thermabol for a year and don't
suffer any side effects from it apart from being more toned! but I know it can't
be healthy to take it everyday without a break!
Patrick  - ??   |.
I have lost 3 stone over 18 months with lots of hard exercise and proper
eating,with no diet pills or suplements. I have another 1 stone to lose, however
the weight loss seems to have really slowed down now, I bought some Thermobol to
try and help me with my final goal and I can honestly say its going in the bin,
took it for a week and I found it makes you feel restless, irritable,it kind of
destroys your natural appetite, and I could not sleep very well at night,
Granted I lost 2-3 lbs, but I can do this on a strick week of healthy eating and
exercise, as I did the week I took thermabol,
So my advice is do it the
natural way, and rather than spend your money on thermabol spend it on some
extra fruit and veg, and do lots of cardio,

Cal  - Great!   |.
I've been on Thermobol and a protien shake for just a week, I take 1 Thermobol
first thing, then a shake with 2 actimel added (makes a lovely thick creamy
shake) for breakfast. One more Thermobol for lunch,( don't feel like eating
then) and my normal dinner. I only take 2 Thermobol per day as it reduces my
appetite so much, and I want a healthy dinner to look forward to each evening.
I'm 5' 4" and was 11' 11,lb, I went from a size 10 to a size 16 in 1 year,
I'm now tackling that with Thermobol, 7 days I've been doing it, and I've lost 5
lbs. I'm not doing lots of exercise, but find that I am doing more just because
of the increased energy levels. I suffer with acid reflux, and so far haven't
found a problem, I also have an intolerance to caffiene in coffee, but the
caffiene content in Thermobol seems to be fine. My goal is to be back down to 10
stone by June 09 to fit into a ball gown. I'll keep you posted!
craig  - shall i take it   |.
hi ive just started training again after a year and wanna lose some fat and tone
up the miscule under the fat what shall i take and how long for and how long
before i start taking aGAIN THANKS CRIG
shaheen  - mrs   |.
just started my Promax Diet with Thermobol, taking only two tablets a day, as
feel a bit jittery, also am on adizem-xl, betablockers, as suffer from angina
will this cause any problems, please can someone let me know,, need to loose 2st
in weight
roddy  - Thermobol   |.
hi guys, i have recently purchased Thermobol from maximuscle in order to help
shed 5 or 6 pounds along with eating and exercising well but i've been reading
up on some side effects such as dizzyness and anxiousness. to anyone who has
used this products..is this true?? :(
could lowering the dosage to 1 or 2 pills
per day help as opposed to the recommended 3 per day?
Abi Needham- UK   |.
Hi...i want to try these thermabols pills but my boyfriends tells me its isnt a
good idea if you smoke and is asmatic which i have and do both! i want to lost
weight fast as i have to fit into my wedding dress in 1month?

please can u
help me on the side effects of takening these tablets?

Abi Uk
simon wills  - Thermobol   |.
been using for 2 weeks, my hunger is still there and i find im hungry MORE!!
hoping that the last 2 weeks will see some effects as not great deal of resuts
yet, working out 4 times a week, weights and cardio.
Hi, been taking Thermobol for 3 days, lost 1 1/4lbs. Been very anxious and
nervous, stressful week at work, but would normally been able to handle it.
Sleeping ok though. Weight had plateu'd for a while, that's why I tried it, def
got it moving again. Thinking of trying 2 Thermobol a day until I finish the
course though. Def worth a try.
Jamie  - Thermobol   |.
Hi, I have been taking Thermobol for 4 days now and think that it works for me
at the moment. I have lost 4 - 6 lbs this week, I have been working out 3
times.The only side effect is that it seems to make me wake up earlier than
usual (5 - 5-30am). Anyone else experiencing this ?
Daire Byrne  - Thermobol   |.
I have just completed a full month supply of Thermobol and i must say its a
great fat burning aid. Now its not magic. I had to train 4 days a week in gym
and cut down on calories. The first day i took them i felt rough but after the
first day they were grand, no side effects. I was 12st 4 pounds a month ago. Im
now 11 st 3 pounds. Working on getting my six pack now.
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