Sylvester Stallone arrested for Growth hormone

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Reports in the press last week have indicated that the famous muscle bound actor Sylvester Stallone was caught recently with a ‘personal supply’ of Chinese Jintropin, a synthesized version of Human Growth Hormone. As you may know, possession of steroids in the US regularly carries a jail term and the use of Jintropin has exploded in the country since the steroid law was tightened up as it circumvents the law by not officially being a steroid. The use of growth hormone (GH) is increasingly used by more mature trainers, who want to benefit from its rejuvenating qualities. Growth hormone is a naturally occurring hormone that support the bodies ability to increase muscle growth, recovery and aids definition. After the age of around 21 years of age, it starts to decline rapidly.

The benefits of synthetic Growth hormone are said to be

» Reduction of excess body fat, especially abdominal fat.
» Increase muscle mass (and physical strength if combined with moderate exercise).
» Reduce wrinkling of the skin by increased skin tightness and thickness.
» Increase bone density and formation.
» Strengthened immune system.

Use of artificial growth hormone is often illegal if not supplied by a doctor under a prescription and can cause serious side effects if not needed medically, such as extended organ and bone growth. It is also very expensive and can cost nearly £5000 for a 12 week course. Some people try to buy it on the black market, but as it needs to be refrigerated, it is mostly useless or a counterfeit. However, most of the benefits of artificial growth hormone are available to all through the correct use of supplementation. Lets look at each in turn.

Reduction of body fat.
Take 3 capsules of Thermobol every day - 1 with breakfast, 1 with your mid-morning snack, and 1 at lunch. Research studies show that the natural herbal extracts in Thermobol - including green tea, cayenne, bitter orange, and guarana (caffeine) - give your metabolic rate a real boost. The result is that stored fat, including hard-to-lose abdominal fat, gets burned off a lot faster, than just training alone.

Increase bone density.
Regular squatting and compound exercises will support your bodies bone density without the need to resort to chemical enhancements. Just make sure you perform the basic three compound exercises (Squat, Deadlift & Bench Press) in your weight training routine. Adding a good multi vitamin and mineral supplement such as Protrient will also help prodide the key minerals calcium needed to support bone density.

Regular supplementation of a whey protein like Promax has also been shown to increase bone formation. Researchers examined the effects of whey protein on osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cells. Whey protein caused dose-dependent increases in [3H]thymidine incorporation and DNA content in the cells. It also increased the total protein and hydroxyproline contents in the cells. High quality whey proteins may play an important role in bone formation by activating osteoblasts. Promax contains Biomax™, which is a unique collection of high quality whey proteins that have been processed using cross micro filtration and hydrolysation. All Biomax™ protein is cool temperature processed for 99% undenatured protein. The unique blend of whey proteins are high in ALA (alpha-lactalbumin) and BLG (beta-lactalbumin) whey fractions, with high amounts of GMP (glycomacropeptides) for immune boosting and IGF levels for anabolic properties. To finalise the Biomax™ blend, Glutamine peptides are added for further anabolic and recovery properties. This entire protein is then instantised (at room temperatures) using a natural lecithin formula, for the best instant mixing protein you can find, with the essential fatty acid benefits of using lecithin, as opposed to harsh chemical instantisation, that some companies use. Biomax™ protein is also high in Orotic acid, a unique anabolic component of whey.

Increase Muscle Mass.
Each daily serving of Cyclone contains, numerous muscle building nutrients, including; glutamine, whey protein, HMB and 10 grams of Creatine, which is one of the most effective muscle building nutrients legally available. There is actually a lot of research to show that creating will help you build muscle more quickly. In fact, one study found Creatine users gained weight four times faster than those who trained without it. Infact there are over 100 studies to support the positive muscle building and strength enhancing effects of Creatine. That combined with glutamine and HMB, make Cyclone a unique and powerful formula, for those looking to pack on size quicker than weight training alone.

Strengthen the Immune System.
A potent cocktail of anti-oxidants and Immune Supporting agents can be found in Immune Support which contains Calcium ascorbinate, Zinc, Di-methyl-glycine enzyme and Sodium Selenate. These work together to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to maintain optimum immune function during times of stress. Did you know that glutamine and whey protein have also been shown to be effective in post training recovery to boost recovery times and your immune function? It is a known fact that intense training without proper recuperation can deplete and stress the immune system, leaving you prone to colds, illness or just general over training.

With todays research proven sports nutrition ingredients and products there is no need to use illegal drugs to obtain your physique goals, (unless of course you want to be the biggest bodybuilder in the world.) A regular and effective weight training routine, extra protein and the correct supplementation will give you the kind of physique that most gym users will be proud of (and women impressed by). Perhaps next time, Mr Stallone should ask Musclebulletin for his training and supplementation advice!

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Mike D   |.
Whatever he did or didn't take he looks great on it. An inspiration to us all at
his age.
Ian H   |.
Just goes to prove how many of the 'big guys' we often see didn't get their
physiques through honest hard work & good diet alone..... the side effects
of GH and other steroids are really appalling and often dalayed, crumbling bones
are not something you want at any age....
jeff   |.
ian h frm london - have you and factual based evidence from credible sources ,
links maybe ? that backs up your claim of gh + steroids giving you crumbling
bones etc ??? ive very much doubt it .
Jonny   |.
The effects of HGH cannot be compared to those being offered by maximuscle
products. Pretty ridiculous marketing,saying results can be likewise.I know a
few guys who have taken HGH and all swear to be feeling the best they ever have
in their life.

perhaps next time Maximuscle can be realistic for once and
stop over hyping their products. Even 10 years training and every maximsucle
product could not guarantee the results obtained by those who choose to take HGH
or steriods.
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