GAA - the biggest breakthrough since creatine?

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Writing in Flex magazine, Jim Wright thinks that it might be “the most significant advance in Creatine supplements since Creatine monohydrate was originally introduced to the bodybuilding market.” Muscle and Fitness magazine is also optimistic, writing that it, “certainly warrants a closer look from anyone looking for a boost to his or her muscle gains.” What are they talking about?


Glycocyamine (pronounced gly-ko-sigh-a-meen) is a supplement that’s new to many people. But it’s already created a ripple of excitement in the supplement world. Also called guanidinoacetate (GAA), glycocyamine is a naturally occurring compound in the human body that’s actually the precursor of Creatine. In other words, it’s Creatine before Creatine takes its final form.

Like Creatine, GAA is found naturally in your body. As well as taking Creatine monohydrate supplements, another way to increase Creatine levels in the body is to deliver more of the ingredients that make up Creatine. In the chemical reactions that produce Creatine, GAA enters your liver and muscle cells, where it gets converted to Creatine. The Creatine that’s produced in the liver then enters the blood supply and travels to the muscles.

In other words, you increase the amount of Creatine entering the muscle and the amount of Creatine being produced in the muscle. Animal studies and preliminary research with bodybuilders in California suggests that providing GAA enables the body to continue Creatine formation when it would ordinarily be reduced or even temporarily stopped.

GAA worked for almost everyone, producing Creatine-like effects. GAA also improves glucose and Creatine uptake by muscle cells. In addition, GAA is very effective for those who see no benefits from Creatine. In other words, it turns Creatine “non-responders” into “responders.”

Although the research behind GAA is very interesting, there hasn’t been enough research to convince us that you should spend your hard-earned money on a GAA-only supplement. If you do want to try it, Advanced Supplement Solutions offer a high-quality GAA-only product called GAA-1000. Maximuscle has also added 1 gram of GAA to their popular Creatamax Extreme product.

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