Is Colostrum the new wonder ingredient that can offer you anabolic muscle growth, increased sports performance and increased immune function?

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Back in 2001 – a scientific paper landed on my desk (1)........

It talked about a nutrient called Colostrum, which is the technical name for the first 72 hours of mothers milk, a product essential to their health and development of all babies, human and cows. It went on to conclude that colostrum was a “miracle natural food” - a rare observation coming from a scientific journal!

Since that review stacks of research now support the view that colostrum is a safe and potent natural anabolic muscle builder, performance enhancer and immune booster.

It should be noted that colostrum is cutting-edge – something that until recently has been reserved for the pharmaceutical industry in helping babies in intensive care and other serious areas to recover, develop and boost their immune system. Real colostrum (and that’s something we’ll talk about later) was very expensive and not affordable to be used at the optimum levels, unless you owned the manufacturing plant! If you're a serious gym trainer, athlete or body builder, this safe and natural anabolic ingredient could take your physique, muscle and size to new levels, at the very worst, you will find it increases your immune system, increases recovery and helps you work and train harder and longer.

Why is colostrum so special?

The first 72 hours of mothers milk, is specially designed to be extremely rich in amino acids, antibodies, and growth factors including Insulin-like GF1&2, Transforming GF 1&2 and Epidermal GF. These active ingredients then disappear as normal milk is produced. The first 12 hours of Colostrum is the strongest and most potent and it is possible to select 12hr grade colostrum for its unique potency – but many don’t want to pay the price and prefer to use the regular 72hr potency colostrum. Human colostrum is very similar to bovine colostrum from cows, but the latter is higher in nutrient levels – and this is the colostrums that is harvested and being used in todays products. Colostrum is easy to digest and once it's absorbed through the intestines, directly in to the blood stream – it displays impressive anabolic and immunological effects.


IGF-1: The active ingredient?

Scientists have known for some time that the anabolic hormone IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor ) is the bodys most potent naturally occurring muscle growth agent, alongside Testosterone. In fact, when sufficient levels of IGF-1 bind to intra-muscular receptor sites, muscle protein synthesis and growth is triggered. Now – the good news is that you can stimulate IGF-1 pretty easily – most notably lifting heavy weights and consuming whey protein and high GI carbs post-workout. However, this has its limits – and that's why the some elite athletes started using synthetic IGF-1 from experimental labs made during the more ‘experimental and liberal’ years of sport in the 90's – which saw some professional body builders and sprinters go beyond the norms of muscular development and performance.

Few of our customers desire the extreme results (and unknown side effects) of synthetic IGF-1 usage, nor the potential for serious side effects and issues of legality. However – what most serious weight trainers and athletes do want, is the ability to enhance their muscle development and strength, naturally and safely and finding ways to enhance their bodies own natural hormone levels safely. Few men would not want to know how to naturally boost their Testosterone levels, to aid their gym goals, performance and sexual vitality. IGF-1 is another vital, but less talked about naturally occurring hormone that offers real potential as a muscle builder.

In 1997, researchers found a dose:response relationship between 12hr colostrum supplementation and levels of IGF-I concentration (2). The study, published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, analysed the effects of colostrum versus a whey protein placebo, in 9 male sprinters and jumpers during a strength and speed training period. Post-training increases were noticed for serum IGF-I in the 25ml colostrum treatment and especially in the 125ml treatment, compared with whey.

As most serious body building experts will tell you – 'increase IGF-1 levels and you increase your potential for muscle growth!’ As a side note – for older trainers and athletes, increasing IGF-1 levels could be even more significant. Like Testosterone, as we age, IGF-1 levels continue to fall, leading to a loss of muscle mass and elevated body fat. Growth Hormone therapy is often prescribed to restore IGF-1 levels, because GH metabolism leads to IGF-1 production. Guess what though – colostrum allows you to directly naturally raise IGF-1, meaning some view it as an interesting alternative to growth hormone in the areas of ageing and long term health preservation.

Colostrum and IGF-1 – real world muscle growth?

Let’s be honest though - no one really cares about 'IGF-1', unless it translates into real-world muscle gains! However, in the case of colostrum, increased IGF-1 levels does appear to equal muscle mass!

One study published in 2001 in the Journal of Nutrition [3], looked at the effects of 8 week's 12hr colostrum supplementation (20g/day) versus whey, in subjects performing heavy-resistance training. After 8 weeks, the whey group experienced a significant increase in body weight (2.11 kg), whereas the colostrum group experienced a significant increase in 'bone-free lean body mass'.

Note that colostrum increased 'bone-free lean body mass'.

For the non-physiologists among you – that translates as pure muscle. The fact that IGF-1 is responsible for binding to muscle receptors and triggering growth when combined with your weight training, seems to indicate that colostrum may aid muscle growth due to the effects of IGF-1.

Colostrum – a performance enhancer

Colostrum has potential as a safe and natural muscle builder, but can it help you train and perform with more intensity in the gym or during competition? Well, in reality – high quality colostrum has been used by those professional athletes, ‘in the know’ and with deep pockets for well over a decade, but scientific data is now available to see the empirical facts – and they speak for themselves!

One study looked at the effects of colostrum on rowing performance in a 8 elite female rowers from the South Australian Sports Institute, during 9 week's training [4]. The study split the rowers in to two groups (colostrum versus whey). At week 0 and 9, the rowers performed a low-intensity rowing test, followed by a 4 minute maximum intensity row, separated by 15 minute's rest. After 9 weeks, the colostrum group covered significantly more distance in the maximal rowing test. One vital finding was the presence of higher buffer capacity with colostrum – suggesting it may enhance high intensity performance by increasing the ability to combat fatigue and recovery between bouts of exercise.

In fact, this has been supported by a similar study, looking at the effects of colostrum on repeated endurance running performance [5]. Thirty-nine healthy males, aged 18-35, completed 8 week's running training, consuming either 60g/day of bovine colostrum or whey. The subjects were put through 2 progressive treadmill running tests to exhaustion, separated by 20 minutes of recovery at weeks 0, 4 and 8. Now it gets interesting – because while both groups displayed enhanced performance during weeks 0-4, during weeks 4-8 the colostrum runners continued to enhance their repeated run times, while the ‘whey only’ group's performance plateaued. By week 8, colostrum was boosting performance by a clear 2%!

These research studies offer a wide range of athletes the prospect of enhancing performance. Taken at face value, body builders/weight trainers could enhance recovery between sets, runners could cover greater distances at high intensity, and team sports players could recover and perform better after the half-time interval.

A way to combat training stress and boost immunity?

If you're a serious competitive or recreational athlete, play sport at an intense level or hit the weights hard in the gym – then you've probably experienced the effects of 'over-training' and immune suppression; with increased infections, coughs and colds, sore throat, feeling run down, poor recovery and general malaise. Of course, this is not ideal, when the whole purpose of training is to improve ones health and physique. Over training and poor recovery is the fastest way to kill your gains in the gym or in your chosen sport. However, this is where colostrum really comes into its own.

Remember what colostrum is fundamentally meant to do; stimulate the weak immune system of newborns. This goal is accomplished thanks to high level of immunoglobulins, most notably IgG, IgM and IgA, which researchers believe power-up key parameters of immunity. However, what's important to serious trainers is the evidence that colostrum intake in adults retains its immune boosting capacity. For example, in 2001, researchers looked at the immune response of high potency colostrum lozenges in 40 male students, for 2 weeks at dosages of 20g and 40g (1). After the 2 week protocol, subjects taking colostrum displayed significantly higher levels of immunoglobulins IgG, IgM and IgA. What's more – higher immune strength was still evident 2 weeks after supplementation.

Importantly, just like hard training individuals, the students had low to moderate immune strength – and the researchers suggest that colostrum is beneficial in up-grading immunity in such populations.

Colostrum – rare and exclusive.

Colostrum is a very expensive ingredient, which is open to abuse and therefore if you are going to invest in this product, you must be sure it is the real stuff and no cut with any cheaper ingredients. When I came across colostrum years ago, I was sceptical of its benefits after trying it. I soon realised that it was not real colostrum but a tiny sprinkle mixed with whey protein, which is very similar in taste and flavour. Of the stuff that claimed to be ‘the finest’, it was cheap unfiltered colostrum that offered little active ingredients and offered minimal if any benefits.

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the largest harvestor and ISO certified producers of colostrum in Europe - after they had finally got permission to sell it into the EU as a functional food, without the need for a medicinal license. They even filed something called an article.13 health claims dossier for it, allowing companies to be able to make functional food/health claims for it, without any issues, due to the high level of peer reviewed research that existed. I was impressed by the quality and due diligence that went into making this potency of colostrum. Every farm was certified, checked, and approved, with the end result being very fews farms were allowed to offer this stuff legally for sale in Europe.

This colostrum is hand collected and each batch must come from the finest cows free of all hormone treatment and illness and fed a special nutrient dense diet. Each batch is immediately frozen within 24hours, ultra filtrated and low temperature spray dried and instantised. Every batch is able to be fully back traced to the exact farm and cow, due to the product being provided to the pharmaceutical industry. I was so impressed by my due diligence and level of detail they undertook, that I advised Maximuscle to secure the entire batch for Europe, of which there was only 7 tonnes available for next year. (It is bought in advance on a first come first served basis.) This means there is only around 250-300 tubs per month available. It will not be available to the trade, but only available direct to select customers and elite sponsors, due to the price being too high and the profit margin being minimal. This is a premium product for those serious gym and sport enthusiasts that demand the best from their nutrition and training.

To make the product more affordable, Maximuscle have launched two versions. Provite extreme, which is the strongest and most potent 12hr colostrum with the highest levels of active ingredients, especially for the serious gym users, bodybuilders, etc.. and normal Provite, which is 72hr colostrum for those who are more sports focused and need higher levels of Immune Support and recovery. I can 100% guarantee, that you will not find a stronger and purer colostrum product anywhere. There are only two raw ingredient companies in the world that sell high quality colostrum and we have secured supplies from both. Do not be fooled by cheap prices, it is just not possible to buy cheap colostrum unless it has been ‘cut’ with other ingredients, such as normal whey or milk powder. It was decided that as many people will want to add it to their own drink as required, no flavour or sweetner would be added, but the purity is such, that it is not needed in any case.

Personally I have now used Provite Extreme for about 6 months and during that time I have been impressed by the ability to work long hours, combined with intense training sessions and plane travel throughout the world without getting your typical ‘plane sickness and winter flu’. My recovery from training sessions appear faster, with strength and power being noticeably greater. Many training friends who received sample tubs have all noticed similar benefits. This is special stuff.

So lets summarise - Colostrum Q & A:

What colostrum dosage is needed to see effects?

From the research available, 20g of the 12hr colostrum (Provite Extreme) appears to be the maximum effective dosage required for anyone wanting increased muscle growth, strength, size, recovery, performance and immunity benefits.

20g of the 72 hr colostrum (Provite) is suitable and effective those seeking increased endurance, recovery, immune function and other benefits.

Both version have little or no flavour and can be easily added and mixed with your favourite nutrition drinks, such as; Promax, Progain, Cyclone, Viper, Recovermax, etc.. Some users choose to add 5/10g throughout the day to ensure that each drink is ‘turbo charged’ with Colostrum.

How safe is colostrum?

Very – no negative side-effects have been reported from 20-40g colostrum taken over extended periods. Remember colostrum is the first food of new borns and the naturally occurring active ingredients are all essential to human health and optimum function.

What should you look for in a colostrum supplement?

A colostrum product that guarantees colostrum collected within 12hours of birth will be the strongest. Make sure it is free of any additives, sweetners, flavours, etc… If it is priced the same as whey protein, it is not real or has been ‘blended’. Avoid taking ‘combined’ products with undeclared levels of colostrum – the classic sprinkle technique of offering an exclusive product, with such tiny levels of active ingredient, it does not work.

When should colostrum be taken and for how long?

Most research suggests you should consume colostrum on a daily basis. On training days, after training is recommended. Long-term use of colostrum is recommended, particularly if you're seeking anabolic (muscle growth) effects. You can also use colostrum specifically during intense training cycles. Taken during the day in smaller dosages up to a maximum of 20g is popular, mixed with your regular protein, weight gain, energy, recovery drinks.

Who can benefit most from colostrum?

Any serious gym user, body builder or athlete. Note – colostrum is for people who take their training and nutrition seriously – it is a cutting-edge product.

In summary – there's increasingly impressive research suggesting that colostrum has the ability to safely elevate maximise your anabolic hormone levels, stimulate muscle growth, boost performance and enhance immunity. Considering that colostrum is 100% natural and safe – it truly does appear to be a “miracle natural food” and now we have secured the finest quality batches for your immediate use – strictly on a first come, first served basis.

Is it safe for drug tested athletes?

Colostrum (Provite) is completely safe for drug tested athletes. Maximuscle test each and every batch of all their products to maintain quality and have developed and pioneered the world's first ISO17025 certified and UKAS approved sports nutrition testing programme with a UK accredited laboratory.

Now you can buy Maximuscle Colostrum here


1. Ragab, Afifi (2001) Bovine Colostrum: its dietary supplementation role in improvement and modulation of human immune indices

2. Mero, Miikkulainen, Riski, Pakkanen, Aalto, Takala (1997) Effects of bovine colostrum supplementation on serum IGF-I, IgG, hormone, and saliva IgA during training. J Appl Physiol 83(4): 1144-51

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4. Buckley, Brinkworth, Bourdon, Gulbin, Stilwell, David, Myers (1999) Oral supplementation with bovine colostrum (INTACT™) improves rowing performance in elite female rowers. 5th IOC world Congress on sport sciences

5. Buckley, Abbott, Martin, Brinkworth, Whyte (1998) Effect of oral bovine colostrum (INTACT™) supplement on running performance. Australian conference of science and medicine in sport


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Shaun Hexter  - What about the calves?   |.
Surely harvesting colostrum from cows in those first 72hours after birth means
that the calves do not get it and their immune systems are thus impaired - or am
I missing something?
MD Admin   |.
One integral part of certified colostrum collection is that 50% of the colostrum
must be left for healthy rearing of calves. Only 50% can be harvested for
production of Provite. That is why it is so expensive
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Hi Sat,

Use the link in the article.
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Is this product on the banned substance's list for tested athelets or does it
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MB Admin  - Response to Graeme   |.
Each batch of colostrum is drug tested (as all Maximuscle products are) and is
suitable for drug tested athletes.
Keeran  - Exercises   |.
I'm in the armed forces and use Maximuscle products alot. Can Provite help me in
my running and the Combat fitness tests which incur carrying a total of 90Lbs of
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Does anyone actually read the article? how many ppl asking questions that were
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MB Admin   |.
Each tub is 500g. Each serving 10g, so 50 servings in a tub.

To get maximum
benefit you should take 2 servings a day but many use only 1.

We're using 1
scoop a day here and can see the benefits on this amount.
Philip Williams  - Mr   |.
sounds extremely productive to say the least I shall certainly give it a go!
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Hi maximuscle
I been reading and theres no actually words of experience, so,
here we go.
Im 23 and ectomorphic (hard to keep weight on) like mad i recieved
the bulletin and ordered straight away, sweet the best thing i could of
Every year i get on the weights just for the summer but Im quitting
smoking and instead training.
My weight is 10.12 stone and ive been traing for
4 weeks two without colostrum and man was it hard to stop my weight falling!!
The last (just shy of) two weeks i have been using colostrum 12h and i havent
shedded a single oz im not having to stuff myself silly till im feeling sick
just a good nutrition (3 good meals and a evening snack) progain and colostrum
and im holding my weight easy and this is just the beginning!!!!
A massive
thanks to all you guys and girls at maxi muscle for this 'miracal natural

an average joe but called Gaz.
STEVE D JARVIS  - new to it all   |.
im new to this, please help can i use this product and with what other to gain
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Anonymous   |.
"im new to this, please help can i use this product and with what other to
gain muscle size strenth."

Good high calorie diet, cyclone or progain and
heavy weights 2-3 times per week; once you're gaining, try adding in colostrum.
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